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I didn't want my half hour wait to suddenly become a two hour wait. All makes for a loopy stripper that likes to goof off. losangeleshighroller Paradise-Nadia I could spend all day with Nadia.

Oh well, now that the word is out, might as well help her with her holiday money. Except she is taller, probably 5'7", so she's well over 6' in her stripper heels. If you are new to the hobby, she will talk your ear off and give you zero mileage and you will be pissed so AVOID AVOID AVOID. Her only imperfection if you're being picky is that those implants aren't the most natural looking. What a sweet lady MILF about 5-1 120 lbs nice MILF tits, She's really taken good care of herself.

Tipped her a few dollars and then ask her to dance for a sample... I'm rock hard at this point and ask and off we go... Fortunately, it is harder and harder to discover gratifying experiences outside of Thanks to the grit, grind and determination of Strip Club Aficionados, there is huge progress to report.

RC & MISH only as we were trying to be "low key" as there's a bunch of people walkin around being nosey lol I don't mind u can watch all u want haha creamcheese Flamingo-Denise I'd like to kill those two bastards who have revealed Denise to the world. After shutting down access to New Member Sign-ups for a couple weeks, and then, a complete lock down of to non-members, we re-vamped a stronger, harder and sexier site wrapped-up in hard core back-end security; letting us enjoy stronger protections than ever before. By simplifying and making it easy to post and access Dancer Reviews at a scroll of a thumb or flick of a finger.

Boned In is a great way to advertise for yourself in the club (not all of us can be on a Speariment Rhino billboard) and unfortunately our clubs don't advertise for us! -philtheo Sherene @ Ecstasy A handsome blonde woman.

So I just wanted to say as a dancer for 4 years from clubs in COI, Hollywood, Orange County, and Los Angeles, by interacting on this website, posting my schedule, and the rollcall when I could (once I was granted access), the numbers just quadrupled👥💰!!! The young whippersnappers might call her a milf but since I'm 150 years older than she is, I'll just call her a voluptuous mature woman.

Girls see I'm on the site and joke around saying give them a good review... See this girl passion on stage and WOW full on birds view of the cookie and everything doggie style missionary etc... Full nascar no defense plays stick shift very well :) so off we go to VIP... She starts off with a dance same as topless style but buck naked... We understand your sense of urgency and that further delay may cause emotional meltdown, we apologize.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's got a great set of fun bags that you can play with and has very soft skin that is great to touch. Membership is required and you must be logged in, to read or post on the Blog, Dancer Reviews or view Daily RTRC's.

Whether getting a topless, nude or VIP dance, she sets the expectations upfront and delivers what she promises. -Schound Monarchs-Annmarie Lapped this Hot Chocolate and she has legit lap dancing skills. Members, not logged in, will encounter the Log-in button. As of, October 2013, prior to approval, new member sign-ups get the "standard pat-down procedure".

Ecstasy (inched out Jet Strip) Boned In grows when people like you tell friends about it.

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However, this website IS what you put into it, SO with that being said friendly interaction and maybe a sexy lingerie picture neck down, whatever you are comfortable with you'd be surprised with what you get in return.

For the last year, she's been my little secret, and I've specifically not posted a review on her. We are excited to say that we more than doubled our membership! Clicking, reading about and reviewing a dancer's performance, good or bad, in a nano second!